EV & PROUD System

Pharmaceutical Automation





Design Goals


EV & PROUD SYSTEM is a type of technology that is designed to automate the process of dispensing various medications. These systems are used in a range of settings, including hospitals, pharmacies, and long-term care facilities. The primary goal of an auto-dispensing medication system is to improve patient safety and outcomes by reducing the risk of medication errors and ensuring that patients receive the right medication at the right time.


The Universal Canister is the solution for Generic Medications. The canister enables users to dispense various medications after calibration. It means that pharmacists no longer need to order additional canisters for sudden brand-generic changes. By automating 180 of your fastest-moving oral solid medications, the EV-180UC accurately fills and labels 500+ prescriptions or more per day, or 50% of countable oral solid volume.


EV & PROUD SYSTEM typically consist of a computerized unit that contains a database of medications, a dispensing mechanism, and a user interface for healthcare professionals. The system is programmed to dispense medications according to a pre-determined schedule or as needed based on patient-specific information, such as weight, age, and medical condition.



Patient information

  • The system first collects patient information, including their medical history, current medications, allergies, and other relevant information.

Prescription information

  • If the patient requires a new prescription, the system can receive this information electronically from the healthcare provider.

Medication database

  • The system contains a database of medications, including dosages, instructions, and potential drug interactions. This database is updated regularly to ensure accuracy.

Dispensing mechanism

  • The system has a dispensing mechanism that can accurately dispense the correct medication, dosage, and time. The medication is stored in secure containers or cartridges.

User interface

  • Healthcare professionals use a user interface to input patient information and medication orders and to access the medication dispensing system. The user interface can be a touchscreen or keyboard and mouse.


  • The system keeps a record of all medication dispensing activity, including the patient's name, medication name, dosage, and time of administration. This information can be used for billing, legal, and regulatory purposes.