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Concise and powerful

  • The homepage of the website is the customer's face, and it is usually the page where the user spends the longest time

Responsive design

  • Responsive web design can not only increase the conversion rate, but also have an impact on your Google ranking

Videos, pictures, symbols

  • Compared with text, images can catch the user's attention better, and at the same time can increase the user's interest in the product and the degree of trust in website services

Clear CTA

  • Need to clearly tell users browsing the site where they should go and what actions to take

Point of sale system


Product management

  • The easy-to-control operation interface is convenient for timely management of inventory quantity, and data columns can be added at any time, and the most suitable combination scheme can be created according to the needs of different industries.

Hardware compatible

  • It supports smart hardware and uses technological advantages to connect to smart devices to create a smart retail store for you.

POS cash register system

  • Pin barcode printer

  • Bluetooth scanner

Sales report

  • The intelligent system analyzes big data, tracks consumption data and patterns through dynamic detailed reports, grasps market trends, and plans more accurate and effective marketing strategies.


  • Compatible with major payment methods, including Alipay, WeChat Pay, VISA, MasterCard, etc., and the receiving currency can be customized to meet different business needs.


Warehouse management


  • Handle and manage details of goods in an orderly manner

  • Reduce human error and simplify warehouse and inventory management procedures

  • Real-time data assists in recording inventory more accurately

  • Improve inventory transparency and help analyze inventory quantity

  • Helps to estimate delivery time more accurately and improve customer service level