Membership Database System





IT Support Solution
Web App Solution
Retail Solution

Design Goals


Design first choice requires analysis of project flow:

Clarify the jump logic of the page and the overall structure of the product, understand the user's thoughts, and clarify the problems to be solved in the background and related business processes.

When designing, consider the scenarios encountered by users, improve the user's operational efficiency in terms of interaction details, and enhance the product experience.



MDS is specially designed for “Hong Kong Life Insurance Practitioners Association”to manage member data.

It is developed by Ant Design and provide effective automated data management for the membership, activities, donations, courses and other data of the Insurance Association.


  • Customization on staff master data & security control

  • Customization on system manager

  • Customization on help desk

  • Customized Fixed Asset Control

  • Customization on Reporting

Mobile App



  • Simplify the operation process and make it easy for users to use. The information button is unified into a card, and the information is displayed intuitively.

Navigation bar

  • The navigation bar remains at the bottom,User-friendly, each button corresponds to an important function, enabling users to quickly find related functions.

Member Information

  • The member information and scoring system of the web version will be synchronized. The AWS server will automatically update the membership information between different devices.

Update synchronization

  • The product details page includes product pictures, product details, etc., optimizes the information level, and displays the product in the form of video and pictures so that users can see the product style more intuitively. In addition, it will also be synchronized in the phone application.


  • Simple design makes shopping more convenient.

  • In the shopping cart, you can check the order details, judge the current order status, and enter the basic information and remarks of the consignee.

Online Shop


A website that includes event registration and online store, make sure users can register in 24hrs.

  • E-Shop

  • 24/7 open

  • Convenient

  • Event registration

  • Shopping Cart System

  • Payment system

CMS Website


A content management system, often abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

  • Helpmeet system

  • Event registration

  • Ease of use

  • Data portability

  • Quickly embed analysis code

  • SEO automation