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Custom Screen

Using AWS Elemental MediaLive for live broadcast can fully customize the live broadcast content, including format, screen position, live broadcast time, advertisements, etc., compared with other live streaming platforms.
Customization can make it easier to promote your own brand and products and increase interactivity. Not only can you interact with the live broadcast room through messages, but you can also increase interaction with the audience through different mini-games, and you can complete purchases directly on the live broadcast page without additional tools to complete the checkout process, better analyze audience profiles, and help understand audience needs.

AWS Elemental MediaLive is a video processing service that enables video providers to encode high-quality live video streams for delivery to broadcast TV and multi-screen devices. AWS Elemental MediaLive can be used as a stand-alone service or integrated with other AWS media services, allowing you to create fully controllable flexible 24/7 real-time video workflows or live streaming of events through encoding parameters, enabling on-site monitoring of events and 24/7 Encoding of live streaming video, can be deployed anywhere, delivered to every corner of the world, It can also help you deliver content from studios or remote facilities to subscribers around the world, or directly to AWS Elemental Media Services for processing, packaging, or raw storage.

ASW  Online Live Streaming Platform

We pay great attention to the resolution and fluency of live broadcast, so we use AWS Elemental MediaLive for live broadcast for "TAKE HEART" Janice Vidal Live Music Online .

Live is to stream the images you see to the live broadcast platform to share with the public through the Internet. Therefore, the current network conditions are very important, especially the upload speed. The higher your network upload speed, The content of the live broadcast will also be smoother. In addition, image quality is also one of the decisive key factors. ASW has broadcast-grade functions, allowing us to easily create broadcast-grade real-time streaming videos, including support for advanced functions, such as statistical multiplexing, advertising tag support, audio features as well as multiple subtitle standards.

Mobile App

AWS technology does not require additional equipment and application software. Just enter the website address on any smart device to watch the live broadcast anytime and anywhere. After entering simple personal information and completing registration, you can leave messages in the live broadcast room and interact with guests, vote, and play mini games,etc..

Phone Page

  • The page adopts a responsive webpage that will be automatically typeset, and the content can be automatically scaled and typesetting according to different devices and screen sizes, so that the live broadcast can not only be watched on a computer, but also supports smooth viewing on mobile phones and other smart devices.

Website Page


Login Page

  • Enter simple personal information to reduce user paths. Helps get to the live page quickly and easily.

Live Page

  • In addition to the main live broadcast page, there are many other functions, such as chat rooms, voting activities, mini games, etc.,to increase user engagement.

Waiting page and End Page

  • Remind users that the live broadcast is about to start and has ended, reducing the user's waiting time and forgetting to miss the audience.