RFID System

Efficient tool for handling emergency incidents





Design Goals


The RFID system is an efficient tool for handling emergency incidents at airports. The system has multiple functions, including providing hospital diversion, patient transportation, and other support. In the event of an incident, the system can instantly view the location on site to quickly dispatch rescue teams.


One of the main functions of the ASU RFID system is to provide hospital diversion. When a major incident occurs at an airport, patients need to be quickly transported to a hospital for treatment. The ASU RFID system can determine nearby hospitals by instantly viewing the location on site and divert patients to the appropriate hospital to alleviate the burden on local hospitals.


In addition, the RFID system can quickly confirm the severity of a patient's injuries and select the appropriate medical and transportation methods to ensure timely treatment.



The system uses  RFID, scan function and cloud technologies, etc. to help airlines contact different departments more quickly. 


  • Systems for Managing Aviation Accidents

  • Define Victims from Gender/ Age/ Nationalities

  • Able to Triage Rapidly and Effectively 

  • Conduct training meetings with 50+ end users

  • Provide training by screen sharing, demo training

  • Provide training menu PDF for 50+ users




  • Locate the rescue team and the rescued, thereby improving rescue efficiency and accuracy.


  • Identify rescued persons and rescue team members, thus ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of rescue operations.


  • Monitor the status and location of the rescued, so as to grasp their situation in time and provide more information for rescue operations.


  • Track the moving route of the rescued person and the action route of the rescue team, so as to better coordinate and direct the rescue operation.



Main screen

  • Select a different button in the function.

Discover screen

  • To discover Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby choose the device.

Information screen

  • Can key in the ambulance plate number, and choose the hospital identifier.

Record screen

  • Ascertain the severity of the casualty and triage the casualty to the appropriate hospital.