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Develop software

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform execution environment capable of running JavaScript on the server side.

(Amazon Web Services, AWS)
Amazon Cloud Computing Services has a total of more than 200 different products and services, covering computing, storage, networking, databases, computing analytics, application services, deployment, management, machine learning, mobile, developer tools, robotics, and IoT tools.

Ant Design originates from the background product development of Ant Financial Experience Technology Department, unifies the front-end UI design of background projects, shields various unnecessary design differences and front-end implementation costs, and liberates design and front-end development resources.

Our uses the latest cloud computing technology. Cloud technology can make it easier to maintain physical data centers and servers and several advantages.

Flexibility: The cloud gives you easy access to technologies ranging from infrastructure services like computing, storage, and databases, to IoT, machine learning, data lakes, analytics, and more.

Elasticity: With cloud computing, you don't have to pre-provision too many resources in order to cope with future business peaks. Instead, you only provision the amount of resources you actually need. You can scale these resources up and down, allowing capacity to expand or shrink instantly as business needs change.

Cost savings: The cloud turns fixed expenses (data centers, physical servers, etc.) into variable expenses, which are far less expensive than doing it yourself due to economies of scale.

Deploy globally in minutes: With the cloud, you can expand to new geographic regions and deploy globally in minutes. For example, AWS' infrastructure spans the globe, so applications can be deployed across multiple physical locations with just a few clicks of the mouse. Place applications closer to end users to reduce latency and improve their experience.



We will help the company collect and integrate customer information, including basic information such as customer age and gender, transaction records, consumption behavior patterns, etc., and important data to strengthen customers' understanding of customers, so that marketing personnel can follow customers' characteristics, habits, Purchasing motives and needs to adopt targeted marketing strategies.

Front-end /Back-end service

We provide dynamic websites, responsive websites, web applications, e-commerce, spreadsheets, static websites and system customization, custom production.
Tailor-made web design, the design is mainly based on customized web design, and UI/UX designers will bring the needs of customers into the customized website design works. 
Customers can adjust the size and layout of content automatically with different devices and screen sizes. 
Not only can it be viewed on computers, it can also support smooth viewing on mobile phones and other smart devices.



With an experienced team of developers and designers based in HK, we pride ourselves on our expertise in web application development and mobile app design as an agency. Together with extended UX/UI design knowledge, we are your trusted help and go-to company when it comes to digitising your business.

Online shop


An online shop is a store that allows customers to shop through the internet. It is also known as an e-commerce website. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, it doesn't have a physical storefront or inventory on hand. Instead, it displays product information on a website, accepts orders from customers, and ships the products directly to their doorstep. An online shop typically includes a product catalog, shopping cart, checkout and payment system, and customer service and support.

An online shop provides convenience and flexibility for customers to shop anytime, anywhere. For businesses, it can lower costs, eliminate geographic barriers, and expand market share. They can increase sales, improve brand awareness, and customer loyalty through an online shop.

Point of sale system

Modern POS Hardware

  • Clean, modern, POS device design to extend your brand

  • Durability

  • Legacy I/O support

Complete, integrated, POS software

  • Engineered for your industry to eliminate base-code modifications and speed implementation

  • Modern, preintegrated, and complete POS processes, from financial transaction systems to inventory visibility

  • Easy integration with operational and ERP systems


  • Fast deployment and time to value

  • Flexibility to implement changes as market conditions require

  • Ability to quickly add new modules

Modern UX

  • Highly intuitive, consumer-grade user interface (UI)

  • Complete touchscreen capabilities